The program WM-AGE is an application that works as an extension of AutoCAD. It is an eminently analytical program that, in its open version, allows the following types of structural analysis:

- Elastic-linear analysis of bar structures and two-dimensional continuous media, in the latter case according to the general theory of finite elements (FEM).

In the case of the two-dimensional continuos, the laminar analysis is understood, understood as the uncoupled sum of two partial problems: plaque problem and shell problem.

The approach to the plaques problem is by using the finite element DST, which allows the precise resolution of problems of thick plates and thin plates without the adoption of special precautions.

The approach of the shell problem is by with the finite element ANDES, whose accuracy is also fully sanctioned by the specialized literature.

The laminar analysis allows the detailed study of tensions along the laminar section.

Explicit integration of stresses is allowed along a given fringe or finite element area.

- Modal dynamic analysis by means of the exact resolution of the general equilibrium dynamic equation under the hypothesis of null or irrelevant damping.

- Spectral modal analysis for the determination of accelerations and forces of seismic origin, also under the hypothesis that the damping does not affect the definition of the modes of vibration or its combinatorial.

The combination of the dynamic effects derived from the modal spectral analysis is carried out using the SRSS method, consistent with what is recommended by several regulations, and in particular by the NCSE-02, but it should be noted that this form of combination may not be adequate in a small number of problems.

- Elasto-plastic analysis of foundation slabs by Winckler models, integrating the complete structures and, therefore, contemplating the interaction ground-foundation-structure.

- Evolutionary nonlinear analysis of screen walls using Winckler models.

- Non-linear analysis of sections of any geometry, composed of concrete, reinforcement and / or steel, subjected evolutionarily to bending moments and to axial forces of different sign. This type of analysis supports three stages of loading and allows the inclusion of the effects of prestressing.

- Slope stability analysis by the Bishop method. This form of analysis is not suitable for the study of surface landslides, "planar" cracks or especially deep destabilization circles.

Being an application that works on AutoCAD its handling is simple and intuitive for the technicians accustomed to that type of software.

Beyond the analytical part, WM-AGE provides a substantial support to the generation of structural projects, incorporating in its open version the following pre-process and post-process tools:

- Automatic identification of the general grid of supports.

- Predimensioning and testing of normal stresses of bars (columns, beams, etc.) of reinforced concrete, steel, sawed wood and laminated wood.

- Automatic generation of the normative combinatorial of the different types of loads, according to the CTE or according to the Eurocode, as it is chosen during the calculation.

- Automatic dimensioning and reinforcement of reinforced concrete pillars, generating pillars and detailed measurements, according to EHE-08.

- Arming and automatic dismantling of beams and reinforced concrete beams, according to EHE-08.

- Automatic reinforcement of reinforced concrete slabs, both in bending and punching, according to EHE-08.

- Automatic generation of the geometry of reticular slabs, defining zones of lightening and abacus, and their reinforcement, both flexion and punching, according to EHE-08

- Calculation of joist floors, including the detailed effect of joists on support frames, according to EHE-08

- Automatic identification of limit deformations in bars and continuous elements.

- Expertise of reinforced concrete and steel pillars.

- Automatic definition of the reinforcement of concrete pillars by concrete or reinforced micro-concrete shirts.

- Generation of the works of manufacture of reinforcements in pillars, beams, reticular slabs and slabs, following the British standards.

WM-AGE is not a great novelty with respect to the software available in the market, which moves quickly to BIM environments, but allows the analysis of a varied set of structural problems, which, together with its easy handling, lead us to decide to share a limited version with students and professionals of interest for free.

WM-AGE has been verified through the appropriate contrast problems and is sanctioned by fifteen years of professional practice, but WINDMILL Structural Consultants, S.L.P. is not responsible for the errors that the program may have in the definition of its procedures or in the definition of its calculations.

Likewise, WINDMILL Structural Consultants, S.L.P. reminds the user that knowledge of the management of structural analysis programs does not imply mastery of structural engineering: the ability to design structures (knowing their mechanical bases and anticipating their behavior), the ability to construct a physical-mathematical model suitable for the analysis of a specific problem and the ability to critically interpret the results of a given calculation are independent competencies of the handling of a particular software package.

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