Nursing home in Tarragona Nursing home in Tarragona Nursing home in Tarragona

Nursing home in Tarragona
2020 - In progress
Martín Arquitectura

The project is organized in the form of a four-pronged comb. Residents' rooms will be distributed at the extremities, while the rest of the building will be used for common services. The constructed area of the building will be around 10,000 m2, distributed over a total of four floors.


The horizontal structure is solved by means of a bidirectional slab, of the reticular type, taking advantage of the regularity of the arrangement of pillars, despite the fact that this typology also solves well the changes of orientations of the floors. The most complex point was the access to the building, where large spans and overhangs were generated in two directions. It was resolved by incorporating edge girders and several pillar supports.


The vertical structure is planned with reinforced concrete pillars, except for some that are resolved with rolled steel profiles, to minimize the impact on strategic points of the architecture.