84 dwellings in Castellón 84 dwellings in Castellón 84 dwellings in Castellón

84 dwellings in Castellón

This is a residential project, which consists of two blocks of dwellings with communal areas in Castellón. Each block consists of 42 dwellings and they share a common basement. The complex totals 12.000m2 of constructed area.

Windmill´s mission was to design and calculate the foundations and structure of the complex. The new building´s structure is made up of one-way ribbed slabs for the above ground levels and two-way ribbed slabs for the basement. Exceptionally, there is one solid transfer slab to solve a special level column layout. 

The main challenge was to solve the structure design for the large spans and cantilevers of the project while trying to minimize the cost to the maximum, together with the study of the structural expansion joints in order to allow a suitable distribution of the underground parking.