14 Houses in Oropesa (Castellón) 14 Houses in Oropesa (Castellón) 14 Houses in Oropesa (Castellón)

14 Houses in Oropesa (Castellón)

The project, developed by Sanahuja & Partners, is located on the side of a mountain facing the Mediterranean on the Benicassim Coast. It is a longitudinal plot with a steep slope on which three levels of houses are arranged in a sinuous volume that generates large terraces adapting to the terrain and fully opening up to the views of both the sea and the mountainous landscape.

This adaptation of the spaces to the location and the landscape requires a flexible structure, both vertically and horizontally. The structure is integrated into the architecture by means of metal pillars with reduced sections and slabs, resolved in this case with a lattice solution, adapting to the overhangs and project geometry in an efficient response of the structure to the project casuistry.