Harvard sculpture for CEVISAMA 2019 Harvard sculpture for CEVISAMA 2019

Harvard sculpture for CEVISAMA 2019
Instituto de la Tecnología Cerámica

The design of the structure has been conceived by the Harvard Graduate School of Design Material Processes and Systems Group led by Martin Bechthold, for the 2019 Trans / Milestones exhibition belonging to the CEVISAMA 2019 fair in the city of Valencia.

Windmill's task was that of structural evaluation, in accordance with current Spanish regulations, and collaboration in the development of the sculpture project designed by Harvard.

The structure is composed of three main arches connected to each other by bars, forming a Vierendeel system. The set has maximum dimensions of 15m in length, 3.8m in width and 5.4m in height.

Each of the arches is divided into 13 sections that are joined together by connecting nodes. The arches are formed by a double section of hollow rectangular ceramic pieces with a maximum length of 1200mm. Inside these pieces a tensioned steel bar is placed to ensure the continuity of the arch.

The bars that join the three arches are defined by a hollow ceramic circular section. As in the arches, a steel bar is placed inside which will be tensioned in the connection nodes to ensure the monolithism of the construction and absorb existing tractions.

The structural system is divided into six modules, which are previously assembled in the workshop and subsequently assembled on site by means of metal joints.