Stand House of Cards for Cevisama 2019 Stand House of Cards for Cevisama 2019 Stand House of Cards for Cevisama 2019 Stand House of Cards for Cevisama 2019

Stand House of Cards for Cevisama 2019
Instituto de la Tecnología Cerámica

First Prize Contest Trans-Hitos 2019 of architecture and ceramics
Design: nihil estudio + Pablo Lillo
Engineering: Windmill Structural Consultants
Construction and assembly: Grupo On Market, Sergio Cabedo, Manuel Hidalgo and Construcciones Metálicas Jesper.
Technical advice: ITC
Location: Cevisama Fair 2019, Valencia

The geometric design of the structure has been conceived by the architectural studio Nihil Estudio + Pablo Lillo. The authors define their proposal as follows:

“The fragile image of a house of cards, turned into a solid and resistant construction, which we can touch and cross, causing mixed feelings.

[…] An international icon, recognizable by Cevisama visitors from any country and culture. A tribute to the patience and perseverance of entrepreneurs around the world. ”

The project simulates a recognizable structure with just a glance. From a piece of sintered stone a house of cards is built on a scale much higher than what we are used to. The sculpture was exhibited during the Cevisama Fair 2019, specifically, in the main Hall of Feria Valencia.

The set has approximate dimensions of 4.5m in length, 1.0m in width and 6.0m in height. In addition, the structure is supported on a horizontal base with dimensions of 6.84m in length and 3.44m in width. This base is slightly raised from the ground, to prevent visitors from circulating inside the sculpture and allow only the transit of people around it.

Windmill's work consisted of the structural verification of the overall stability of the whole, as well as the calculation of the strength of the joints and pieces of sintered stone.
Security has been evaluated against overturning and sliding in an accidental situation, to avoid the collapse of the structure in case any visitor impacts on it during the course of the fair.

It should be noted that the entire structure has been designed so that, once the exhibition period is over, the sculpture can be disassembled and moved to be reused on any occasion. To do this, all the pieces are "loose" inside the set, without any adhesive or mechanical bonding between them, being the own weight and geometry the only stabilizing element of the sculpture.