Light cover for shopping center in Valencia Light cover for shopping center in Valencia Light cover for shopping center in Valencia Light cover for shopping center in Valencia

Light cover for shopping center in Valencia
Quino Bono Arquitectos

The project consists of three large lightweight roofs that are located in the open central space of the MN4 shopping center. The geometry of these parasols, about 50 m in diameter in plan and up to 26 m in height, has been generated from a parametric model.

The stem of the parasol has a circular plan of 3.8 m in diameter at its start and is made up of a set of vertical bars and horizontal rings arranged every 1.5m in height. The lens hood consists of a mesh of meridians, parallels and diagonals of metal profiles with a rectangular tubular section.

The metal structure of the parasols is supported by reinforced concrete walls that extend into the basement floors until reaching the foundation, resolved on the existing foundation slab by running pile caps and a system of micropiles.

Windmill's mission has been to draft the structural rehabilitation project for the MN4 shopping center. As well as in the collaboration in the design of the parasols and optimization of their geometry to efficiently solve the large spans and the efforts produced by the actions of the wind.

Regarding the design and structural calculation of the parasols, it is worth noting the second analysis to take into account the displacements of the structure itself. Likewise, at all times during the development of the project, the construction process and details of metal structural connections have been studied.

Additionally, two kiosk modules have been designed, supported on the existing basement floor ceiling slab -1. The structure of these modules has been proposed with the premise of being as light as possible, being resolved by means of metal pillars and beams and a stepped covering of collaborating sheet metal.

The project also includes the demolition of some areas of the ground floor and first floor ceiling slabs. These areas have been resolved by means of carbon fiber reinforcements in the beams and ribs of the existing slabs.