Residential building Pobla de Farnals Residential building Pobla de Farnals

Residential building Pobla de Farnals
2018 - In progress
vam 10 arquitectura y paisaje

It is a residential building project located in the town of La Pobla de Farnals, next to the city of Valencia.

The project is organized into two blocks of flats 10 stories high: ground floor and 9 upper floors. The geometry of both buildings is similar with a rectangular floor plan of 30x13 m2 and a total constructed area of 6400 m2 of homes and common areas and about 1600 m2 of areas mostly intended for parking.

Windmill's mission has consisted in the drafting of the partial structure, containment and foundation project for the entire residential complex, adjusting and respecting the architectural needs. The horizontal structure is constituted by reticular slabs, solving the area of the terraces by solid slabs. Regarding the vertical structure, it has been solved by shielded pillars and reinforced concrete walls in the elevator boxes and stairs.

The pergola area of the car park has been solved by a solid slab supported by rolled steel pillars.

The solution envisaged for the foundation is noteworthy. It has been resolved by a deep foundation of driven piles, due to the depth at which the stratum suitable for the foundation is located and the existence of the water table near the surface.