Mobile warehouse in the Port of Erandio Mobile warehouse in the Port of Erandio Mobile warehouse in the Port of Erandio Mobile warehouse in the Port of Erandio Mobile warehouse in the Port of Erandio

Mobile warehouse in the Port of Erandio
ADI Bilbao

The project consists of two existing mobile industrial buildings, one larger than the other, which slide on rails. Both warehouses initially have enclosure on the roof and on the two lateral facades leaving the front facades completely open.

The origin of the project arises from the need to close the front facade of the exterior warehouse to guarantee an adequate space for work in situations of intense wind.

With this, at a structural level, the mission focuses on analyzing the effect caused by wind action with the new geometry. With the new situation, in the direction of the longitudinal wind we find in the case of Table D.10 "Canopies to a water", which indicates the DB SE-AE in the Annex D. So in this direction there is a suction on the cover much higher than in the current state.

As it is a light construction, a comparative study of the total gravitational loads (own weight and permanent loads) has been carried out together with the vertical pressure / suction due to wind action in both situations: current state and modified state, to check the existence of tractions in the foundation.

Simultaneously, calculation models have been developed, initially performing a global elastic analysis for the verification of the final and service limit states. Subsequently, a plastic analysis was carried out of those sections that did not comply with the elastic analysis, to check the rate of use (quotient between the maximum tension reached and the elastic limit of the steel).

With the data obtained from the analysis carried out, the project also addresses the structural proposal for the execution of the new enclosure, as well as the necessary reinforcements in the existing structure under the new geometric and load situation.