Mas Mainer housing block (Tarragona) Mas Mainer housing block (Tarragona) Mas Mainer housing block (Tarragona)

Mas Mainer housing block (Tarragona)
2018 - In progress
Unifamiliar Sant Jordi

This is a residential building, about 7,400 m2, located in the municipality of Reus. The building consists of two basements and nine floors above ground. This building is the first that will be part of a residential complex located in the corner of its L-shaped plot.

Windmill´s objective was to realize the foundations project and that of the structure of the building. The new building is constituted by reticular slabs. Exceptionally, the terraces are made with reinforced slab, to meet the architectural requirements of composition and volume of the façades.

One of the most relevant aspects of the project was the fulfillment of the deformations at the ends of the terraces that surround the building, since its overhang is around 2.50 meters.