House OM, situated in Castellvell del Camp (Tarragona)

House OM, situated in Castellvell del Camp (Tarragona)
2018 - In progress

It is an isolated detached house, formed by five boxes displaced and rotated together, and joined by a large diaphanous central space. The volumetry of the project follows the contour of these boxes, which all have the same height, except one of them that has two levels. The slab of the central space is placed at a lower level with respect to the rest.

Windmill´s mission has been to calculate the structure of the house, taking into account the architectural requirements. For this purpose, the floor slabs consist of laminated wood beams and sandwich-type interlocking, consisting of fiber panels, interior insulation and a three-layer wood paneling. The vertical structure that surrounds the boxes is solved with cellular concrete block walls.

It is worth highlighting the design of the stairway materialized with a folded steel sheet resting on metal plates and, partially, hung to the ceiling by means of steel braces.