Open Thesis Fabrication 2017-2018
Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

The IAAC Open Thesis Fabrication workshop has proposed, for the 2017-2018 course, the construction of a small pavilion, at it`s Valldaura site, to attach to a wall executed with recyclable ceramic pieces printed in 3D with the robot that it has in FabLab in Barcelona.

Windmill's collaboration in the workshop has covered two areas of work:

The first consisted in the theoretical study of simple ceramic pieces emphasizing elementary structural concepts, such as balance, resistance and rigidity, and more complex concepts, such as the forms of balance in the second order (fundamentally, buckling) or post-elastic equilibrium of the materials.

This part of the work, also passed through a computational analysis of ceramic pieces using the Finite Element Method, trying to correlate the computational analysis with the real behavior of the pieces. It should be noted that the correlation sought is not so trivial when the material is in its fresh state (when it is being printed), a situation that often defines the most critical state in the 3D mud printing technique.

The second are of work consisted of a support service more oriented towards the design of the pieces that make up the aforementioned wall and the general design of the wall itself in relation to the rest of the constructive elements.