Great Mosque of Algiers Great Mosque of Algiers Great Mosque of Algiers Great Mosque of Algiers

Great Mosque of Algiers
Ignacio Duart Duart

The Great Mosque of Algiers, a work of monumental character promoted by President Abdelaziz Buteflika, is presented as the largest mosque on the African continent and in disposition of the largest minaret in the world (265 meters). The architectural complex has twelve buildings with a gross area of ??400.000 square meters and a budget of more than one billion Euros.

The work carried out consists of the evaluation of the structures designed by the company SB Fijaciones, in charge of making the natural stone cladding, which will make up the walls and false ceilings of the building.

The singularity of the project lies in the important seismicity of the site, with accelerations of calculation of the order of 1.28g, rendering necessary the analysis of the support structures of the pieces of natural stone by means of spectral modal analysis.

Finally, a series of technical proposals were made, which significantly modified the solution defined by the installation company of the anchoring system, which guaranteed correct behavior in the event of accidental earthquake efforts.