Study of the acrylic of the suspended pools of Hotel Jamaica in Magaluf (Mallorca)
E- Concepto

The suspended swimming pool of Hotel Jamaica in Magaluf, Mallorca, presents a milestone in the construction of pools with transparent bottoms, being the largest in the world at the time of its manufacture. Specifically, it consists of two symmetrical pools more than 20 meters long and three meters wide, suspended over five floors high.

The material that allows the transparency, which occurs both in the bottom and in each of the lateral edges of both pools, is acrylic. Acrylic, without being crystal, continues to exhibit a markedly fragile behavior, at the same time complex due to its variability in certain environmental conditions. In this sense, the contrast of its security conditions is fundamental, and therefore three independent calculations were carried out. Windmill´s mission was, precisely, to carry out one of these three independent calculations.

For the analysis of the acrylic, specific analysis models were made by the Finite Element Method, logically the most relevant action being the action caused by the water pressure.