Ceramic Gridshell Ceramic Gridshell Ceramic Gridshell Ceramic Gridshell

Ceramic Gridshell
Instituto de la Tecnología Cerámica

The objective was to check, in accordance with current Spanish regulations, a structure designed by the MaP + S group of Harvard University, for the edition of CEVISAMA 2018 that takes place in the city of Valencia.

The geometric design consists of a self-supporting bar structure made of 6 mm thick ceramic tiles. The system has a triangular plane and a curved section. The ribs that form the structure reach the ground at the vertices of the triangle and are projected at the other end, leaving passage on the faces of the same.

To resolve the crossing between ribs, the sections have grooves to fit one another. At each intersection only 2 ribs cross, at no point are there three. These intersections are fitted geometrically, without having any additional joining means.

The ribs are manufactured in the workshop and transported to the assembly site in two parts. The connection between the two parts of the rib is made by bolted connections.

The stability of the set is achieved with a system of braces, small thickness and hidden under the flooring, which prevents the horizontal movement of the ribs.