Samantha Carrión

Samantha is an Architecture graduate, obtaining the diploma of best graduate of the class of 2020, at the University of Azuay, in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Samantha is currently studying a Master's Degree in Comprehensive Construction Management with a specialty in design and structural calculation, at the Ramón Llull - La Salle University, in Barcelona.

Samantha is interested in architecture focused on structures and construction management, an example of this was her final year project, which dealt with the implementation of a new constructive, adaptable and prefabricated system, both for new and pre-existing work, in a neighborhood of the Historic Center of Cuenca , which is listed as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. She obtained an Honorable Mention in the "IX Latin American Call for the publication of Architecture Degree Projects" in Trama Magazine.

Samantha, too, has ventured into the innovation of constructive systems on land, for which she obtained first place in the contest "Patrimonial Pavilion of Emblematic Artisans" organized by the National Institute of Cultural Heritage and the Inter-American Center of Popular Arts of Ecuador.

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