Daisies Tibidabo Daisies Tibidabo Daisies Tibidabo Daisies Tibidabo

Daisies Tibidabo
Miàs Architects

The daisies make up a slender parasol in which the shade provided is defined by 12 textile petals. The support or stem consists of three branches (hollow profiles of circular section) that open when giving support to the petals, already in its upper part. Each petal is closed by a kind of steel ring that allows the textile to be worked out as brackets. In addition, the inclusion of annular bars allows for moderation of the sections, by circumferentially strutting said brackets, preventing them from "freely" closing on the stem.

Windmill audited the structure and the studied the anchorage and foundation. In truth, the foundation is made up of a large concrete sheet, which acts as a bench, whose volume prevents the general overturning of the flower even in the most adverse wind conditions. In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize the strongly asymmetric position of the concrete bench, which has entailed a detailed study of the overturning of the structure before any orientation and intensity of the wind.