Housing block in Sant Cugat Housing block in Sant Cugat Housing block in Sant Cugat Housing block in Sant Cugat Housing block in Sant Cugat

Housing block in Sant Cugat
Castellnou&Ribera Arquitectes

This is a residential building located in the municipality of Sant Cugat del Vallés, in Barcelona. The project is configured by means of a housing block with an L-shaped geometry in plan. The building is made up of two basement floors, a ground floor and 5 higher floors, without the presence of commercial ground floors. The approximate area of the complex is about 3,600 m2 corresponding to housing and 1,800 m2 to parking.

Windmill's mission has consisted in the drafting of the execution project of the building's structure, in addition to the resolution of the containment and the foundation. The structure was mainly solved by means of 25 + 5 cm reinforced concrete waffle slabs for the standard floors and solid slab for the basements and the attic floor, where the construction of individual pools for each house was planned. The geometric play of recesses and projections of the façades stands out, where there are cantilevered balconies resolved with solid slabs of variable depth.

Regarding the vertical structure, the supports have been designed of reinforced concrete with rectangular and circular geometry and metal pillars formed by HEB-type profiles reinforced with plates for the facades, with the idea of going unnoticed in the exterior carpentry.

The containments, in order to economize on the solution, have been resolved with 45 cm thick screen walls in the basement -2 and basement walls formed on two sides for the basement -1, after the construction of a generalized slope on the plot. The foundation has been designed using isolated and combined footings.