Prosper apartments in Athi-River Prosper apartments in Athi-River Prosper apartments in Athi-River

Prosper apartments in Athi-River
Prosper Management One Limited

This is a promotion of 8 low-cost apartment blocks located in the municipality of Athi-River, in Machakos County, south-east of Nairobi, next to the road to Mombasa. The newly opened promotion presented a strong problem with the movement of the foundation, a movement that resulted in severe cracking of walls and floors, especially on the ground floor.

The structure of the blocks is made of concrete porches, closed with masonry walls of stone blocks. Assuming that, to a greater or lesser extent, the masonry walls became part of the structural system very soon.

The soil of the Athi-River area is a fairly complex soil, since it has a very soft natural surface layer, called “black cotton soil”, and, below this layer, there are very sensitive clays that are very hard dry but quickly lose stiffness and resistance with relevant moisture contents. These clays are also expansive. Intercalated with the aforementioned clays, there are rock sequins (fonolites) that are much more present in depth, although with notable irregularity.

Windmill's mission has been to design and calculate an overhaul project, through the use of micropiles, that would ensure the correct behavior of the blocks in that complex geotechnical environment. This more general intervention, carried out by the company Franky Piles of the Keller group (, has been accompanied by a project of waterproofing and drainage of the urbanization and the rectification of the screeds.

Windmill also participated in situ in the supervision of the execution work.