Nautical base in Salou Nautical base in Salou Nautical base in Salou Nautical base in Salou

Nautical base in Salou
Garcia Riera

This is the construction of a nautical base, located on the Poniente beach, in the municipality of Salou (Tarragona).

The project is organized over a single floor and the access to the building is articulated by means of an outdoor terrace which extends into the building, forming a covered distribution hall. On both sides of this covered area are two modules, one of them will house a sailing instruction classroom and related information and the other will be destined to dressing rooms and store rooms.

The assembly is closed by means of an outer skin, formed by a closure of cellular polycarbonate panels and a microperforated textile cover.

The task assigned to us corresponds to an exercise in optimization of a structure designed by means of a succession of metallic porticos, with tubular profiles, floors of cooperating plates, prefabricated concrete foundations and tubular anchorage (

The optimization of the existing structure was achieved through the design of a structure that, following the same conceptual configuration, adopted profiles sections more efficient than those considered in the original project, thus reducing its carbon footprint by reducing the amount of steel used in its construction.