Block of flats in Paseo Virgen del Coll Block of flats in Paseo Virgen del Coll

Block of flats in Paseo Virgen del Coll

The project consists of two different constructive units: a newly constructed building and one rehabilitated in an integral way.

The set of buildings is located on a plot with a steep slope; the difference between the lower and upper levels is of two resolved floors with a mixed system of retaining walls and screens.

The plot has not been built on in its entirety. Many spaces have been left for the creation of gardens and outdoor terraces, as well as a communal pool.

The structure of the building is resolved with pillars and gridded slabs. The pillars are arranged in the line of enclosure, a fact that would make the structure incompatible with the parquin distribution. In the ceiling of the basement there is a network of beams of great edge that lower the upper structure, in order to arrange the pillars of the parquin in a regulated frame, more optimal for this use.

Two floors have been built over the existing building, in addition to specific interventions in the existing structure for reinforcement and adaptation to new uses.