Block of six homes in Toledo Block of six homes in Toledo Block of six homes in Toledo

Block of six homes in Toledo
Iniciativas FAOS

The project under consideration is the construction of a block of six houses in the historic center of the city of Toledo. This block will be built on the masonry walls corresponding to the ground floor, which are architectural remains belonging to an old protected building dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

Windmill´s mission was to solve two different issues. On the one hand, the study of load conditions and foundation of existing architectural remains and secondly, the design and dimensioning of the structure belonging to the new building of six houses.

The study on the status of and conditions presented by the foundation wall remains that are currently in the plot is noteworthy. This is because the geotechnical study referred to, recommended making deep foundations for the construction of the new building, due to the poor quality of surface land. This finding is inconsistent with the current state of the walls, which have not provided any relevant pathology in more than 300 years. Therefore, the history of the wall stresses and strains upon contact with the ground were studied for the past, present and the presumable future to determine the permissible values of both the masonry and the ground. Then a structure for the new construction will be designed, as light as possible, with the intention exceeding these values.