Casa Máxima Casa Máxima Casa Máxima Casa Máxima Casa Máxima

Casa Máxima
OutedayTaboas Arquitectos

This is an isolated detached house, located in the municipality of Poio in Pontevedra. The building consists of a ground floor with an approximate constructed area of 320 m2.

Windmill´s mission has consisted in the realization of the structural project of the single-family house, constituted by a geometry of pyramids formed by laminated steel profiles and a metallic light cover. At the center of each pyramid appears an oculus, as an element of illumination of each of the rooms of the house.

The peculiarity of the geometry is note worthy as is the form of the structural work itself. The joints of the different metallic elements that make up the pyramids also form a singular point, whose design is such as to avoid the formation of thermal bridges in the building.