Restoration and creation of a museum of Galician-Roman sites in Pontevedra
OutedayTaboas Arquitectos

This is a competition held for the restoration and conversion into a musuem of the Galician-Roman sites in the province of Pontevedra.

As a general idea, the construction of a cylindrical strucuture of 3.5 meters in diameter and 4 meters in height was proposed in order to act as a centre piece/meeting point. The cylinder would be made of steel sheet corten lined with wood slats.

The second architectural and museum element is the element called "Solar Wheel". It is a walkway with 360 degree views that dominates the landscape. This walkway wheel funcions at two different speeds.

The outer perimeter allows us to look at the views of the site and understand how the site related to its surroundings through a system of sections that turn the walkway into a compass.

The inner perimeter contemplates a slower speed, since there is a continuous plate that becomes a 30 cm wide table.

The structure of the walkway would be made by a flat grid formed by tubular profiles which would be covered again by a sheet of corten steel.

In order to streamline and standardize the transport and assembly process of the structure, a system of modules that could be manufactured in a workshop and transferred to the site in a single truck were designed.

Windmill has collaborated in the contest throughout the design ideas stage and the dimensioning of the structure.