Athletics track at Campclar Athletics track at Campclar Athletics track at Campclar Athletics track at Campclar Athletics track at Campclar

Athletics track at Campclar
ZFA Architecture & Urban Lab

Camp Clar Athelestic Track

In order to celebrate the XVIII Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, one of the projects carried out has been the complete remodeling of the Camp Clar athletics track. The project consists of the replacement of the stadium seating and building which houses the dressing rooms, a totem pole, the remodeling of  the track and auxiliary facilities and the construction of a pedestrian walkway that gives access to the stands as well as communicating with the pool building. All elements have been executed with the exception of the Totem pole.

Changing rooms:

The changing room building is solved in a single volume that includes dressing rooms, facilities and a large warm up/training area. The structure of the building, 120 meters long, is solved with precast concrete portals in the transverse direction. The roof slab has been solved with alveolar slabs and with the elements that form the stands, which are also prefabricated.


Although this part has not been executed, the project included a Totem in the central square of the complex. It consists of a prism-shaped element, 24 meters high, which from approximately a third of the height, opens up on two sides to enable its interior to be visibile, from where illumination will be provided.

It is solved with 30cm thick walls of reinforced concrete. It is worth mentioning the change of alignment of these walls in contact with the terrain, a fact that implies a large transition slab that is hidden inside the volume.

Footbridge for pedestrians:

For the free geometry of the walkway concrete has been used in situ. The board and handrails work together as a U-section, except for the points where the concrete railing is replaced by glass, where the slab works as a cantilever.

The board is supported on concrete walls of variable section with the random positioning in terms of both distance and relative position to the board.

It should be noted that the total length of the walkway is about 130 meters, which have been divided into two sections with a dilatation joint; The longest stretch is 75 meters. In order to realize this, the lateral supports have been designed on elastomers that allow the movement and the rotation of the board, as well as working with additives to the concrete to control its retraction and avoid cracking.