Covering of the Camp Nou stadium, and reformation in general
MIAS Arquitectes

The architectural project proposed extending the Camp Nou with an approach encompasing total respect for the present stadium. This approach, or desire, was taken to its maximum, by the condition that the entire structure corresponding to the enlargement could present a significant interaction with the present structure, but resulting in practically independent individual structures.

Windmill´s mission was to discuss and validate with independence the proposal reviewed, since the new structure included prominent height from base to coronation, to support the new dome covering or shell of the stadium . For this purpose, Windmill actively participated with the team of architects in the geometric definition.

It should be noted that the analysis of the new structure, which entirely confined the current Camp Nou, was carried out, ultimately, by way of dynamic calculations of the whole complex, since the slenderness of the proposal needed to be compatible with the criteria of comfort (vibration) of a stadium of this category