Rehabilitation and reform of a large house in Valencia for use as a hotel
SQA Arquitectos

The construction dates back to 1900, and the building is organized over the ground floor plus fivemore, their use, after rehabilitation, will be a hotel. The project includes the rehabilitation of all the floors between the first floor and the fourth, including a new top floor. The rehabilitation also involves on the roofs, replacing the skirts with similar ones but with less inclination.

Windmill's mission was based on the recognition and verification of all structural elements of the building, retaining most of these, because their condition was good and, on the other hand, the implementation of the actions necessary to comply with the requirements of the regulations.

We note the solution adopted for strengthening existing floors, placing mullioned beams and reinforcements in the cast iron pillars. In addition to this intervention, the implementation of a new stretch of floor on the fifth floor, where a mix of folded plates  and concrete over steel belts was chosen.