"Krystal" Building Mixed Development in Nairobi (Kenya)
Civil Engineering Design

This project relates to multipurpose building on One General Mathenge Drive, Nairobi (Kenya).

Windmill´s mission was to draft the structural project of the multipurpose building in the center of Nairobi (Kenya).

The building has four basements, for parking, and nine floors above ground with different uses, the most common being offices. The building includes a terrace on the third floor with a metallic covering.

The building is designed with a reinforced concrete structure. The floors below ground are solid slabs and the floors above ground are resolved by waffle slabs. The vertical elements are pillars of varying dimensions, adapting to the architectural needs. Note the metal roof of the third floor, and retaining walls of the basements. These walls are made using standard techniques currently available in the country - filled double stone walls at the top and resting on buttresses up to the level of the foundation.