Port of Kinmen passanger service center (Taiwan)
MIAS Arquitectes

Thia is a port passenger terminal consisting of five steel structures in the form of "umbrella", each with a total height of 30 m and a circular cover 80 m in diameter.

These "umbrella" are connected to each other through their covers, by secondary steel structures shaped like porticos.

The mission was to provide the concept design for the main and secondary structures formed by the "umbrella" and joined by the porticos.

Thus, from the architectural design, calculate and design the sections of each of the elements constituting each structure.

When calculating and designing the major structures, we had to take into account the size and scale factor of the same, with overhangs of 40 m under extraordinary natural forces such as common typhoons or earthquakes (ab = 0.20 • g) in the project area.

Also noteworthy is the proposed installation of such structures, designed to be carried out by modules from the ground to its final position, like the traditional human  towers made by the Catalans "Castells".