Extremely svelt esculpture for Schindler's headquarters in Hergiswil (Switzerland)
Fundición Artística Vilà

This is an extremely slender sculpture, designed by sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, which represents men (finished in steel) climbing up a metal rope that leads to the top of teh sculpture, where a series of three wires are attached to stabilize it laterally by tying the sculpture to the construction that surrounds it. In fact, the sculpture is located in the central courtyard of the main headquarters of the Schindler Group in Switzerland.

Windmill´s mission was to determine the minimum diameter of the wire rope through the centre of the climbing men to ensure that the sculpture posess a sufficient safety margin when assembled. Also, we collaborated in the design of the auxiliary structure and transporting by defining the assembly maneuvers.

Note that the sharp slender sculpture forced us to accept the analysis of the problem in a regime of large deformations and thus to address the structural calculations nonlinearly.