Safety and restoration analysis for the remodeling project of Tarragona's old Port headquarters
Jesús Valiente Delgado

The old building of the port authority stands as one of the most unique in Tarragona, located at the end of Platja del Miracle. It is a concrete building with a complex geometry and a large glass envelope. The building has a basement (parking and installations), ground floor (the entrance hall and some ancillary buildings), four floors of offices and a higher floor for housing. The deck is partially covered with a small construction designed as a storeroom  for machinery.

The work included the inspection of the building, the drafting of a plan of tests, which will allow the definition of the structure, destructive and non-destructive, in order to determine the strength of the concrete and the possibility of acidic attacks. The work was completed by conducting a survey of the structure, by means of a finite element model in three dimensions, to which the data obtained in the research survey were incorporated. Finally a series of recommendations and proposals for intervention in the structure were provided.

A statistical study established the characteristic strength of the concrete, according to the recommendations contained in the CTE-SE and UNE-EN 1990. We also scoped the chemical attack on the structure, due to the combined process of carbonation and chloride from the marine environment.