Definition of two structural prototypes for gymnasiums CODEPAZ for systematic construction in Venezuela
CMD Ingenieros

This is the project for two prototypical buildings designated in their entirety for sporting uses. The difference between both prototypes is the size: the largest project has a ground floor and five upper floors, while the smaller project has a ground floor and four upper floors. In both cases the upper floor is occupied by a basketball court, which means that, at this level, the vertical structure remains only on the perimeter.

Windmill has drafted the partial project for the structure for both prototypes, as well as some preliminary studies of alternative foundations.

Our work on siesmic resitance is noteable because of the possible implementations of the prototypes along the Venezuelan coast, where there are some areas that are subject to earthquakes of significant intensity. For this reason, it was decided to design an auto-suspended structure by including sacrificial links in key frames in the bracing of the building. 

We also had to consider, simultaneously, that the structure would be manufactured either in Europe or in the USA, forcing us to work with pieces that could be brought by boat and work with screwable joints.