Report on the possible structural rehabilitation of the south wing of the Santa Tecla Hospital in Tarragona
Fundació hospital de Sant Pau i Santa Tecla

The building was built in the sixteenth century, and had two major expansions during the eighteenth and fourteenth centuries. The sector to be analyzed is the oldest hospital complex, being composed of basement and four upper floors. The typology of the floor is ceramic board or slabs supported on steel joists, concrete or timber depending on the area; on these elements rests a compression layer which varies between 5cm and 15cm thick.

We recorded relevant data to assess the current situation regarding the structural safety associated with the reuse of the sector analyzed and described and justified the reinforcment actions proposed.

The research works which we carried out, such as the testings, played a key role in the development of the report, as the considerations that have been taken in this regard have had greater merit.