Analysis of a cracked slab in Llança (Girona)

Analysis of a cracked slab in Llança (Girona)
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The element analyzed is a subpression slab with very different dimensions (one long and one short) and a very erratic contour, with the presence of very severe cracking. The slab is the floor of a basement car park of a block of flats located in the town of Llançà and retains the effect of the upward pressure of water.

Windmill´s mission was to determine the causes of the cracking, which led to the completion of detailed computation models in which we took into account both the rheological effects as  well as those of the subpression of the groundwater.

Notably, the analysis showed that the basic causal agent of the pathology was none other than the shrinkage of the slab, due to its constructive peculiarities and the history and situation of the plot, which meant that problems occurred when placing the armor that also affected substantially the worsening of the problem and at the same time hindered rigorous etiology analysis.