Expert opinion on the problems encountered during the construction of two blocks of luxury apartments in the Marina district of Ibiza
Life Marina Ibiza

This project involved a study of the damage whic had appeared in the surrounding buildings to two units of luxury apartments located in the Marina district of the city of Ibiza. The basic causative agent of the problem was the necessary extracting of the groundwater found inside the works corresponding to such promotional units and taking place in order to construct the basement levels, due to problems with the geometry of the containment system,  and formed by base sheet piling.

Windmill's mission was to establish whether there was a relationship between the damage caused by the recess of the water table in all neighboring properties and the street itself.

It was a somewhat arduous job due to the extent of the affected area and therefore the number of affected properties, distinguishing in each case the source of all problems initially related by different agents to realize which actually correspond to the above recess of the water table.