Terraced housing in Puçol-Platja (Valencia)
MGA Arquitectos

This is a terraced house that is located in the maritime district of Puçol-Platja, overlooking the sea. The structure was raised without pillars, so that the floors cover the space defined by the two walls without the help of other supports. The conditions of the neighboring walls were complex; of poor quality or poor state of conservation, which made it difficult to consider supports in these alignments that could be conformed with reinforced concrete or, at least, built in a traditional way.

On the other hand, it became difficult to consider ceramic load walls or metal pillars, because the slenderness of the construction, considered at the same time as the diaphragm, implied a certain lateral stability problem.

Finally, semi-refurbished concrete load walls were used, consisting of a pair of prefabricated "sheets" of reinforced concrete, linked together with a certain separation, which allowed the pouring of fresh concrete in situ without the aid of formwork and, therefore, without affecting the neighboring walls. This solution had to be reviewed ingeniously, in the area near the facade that faces the beach, to allow the formation of prominent overhangs.